Welcome to my Den

Welcome to my den. I meant my dorm. Now Get out.

Only kidding. Welcome, please do come in. My name is Ansem Antanga, a 24 year old Junior at Twilight Town University. I major and Minor in Philosophy and Political Science. I also lift weights and take Judo classes on weekends. Come argue with me.**most if not all images used are self created. This is not independent RP**

Stripes: Ansem-Xemnas


image Xemnas appeared caught off-guard by the question as he considered it, “Not….exactly. No. I meant just being playful or something. Like the families on TV. Those.” 

If nothing had hinted at his lack of familial experiences more than those words, than nothing would.  He peered around the room for a moment before coming back to the problem at hand.

"Being flirtatious and mischevious are two different things." Xemnas waved an instructive finger towards Ansem, "And they’re meant for two different types of people. What if you did that and I flirted back, wouldn’t that be awkward?" Not that Xemnas had much experience with flirting, or flirting with straight men. That was probably as foolish as the story of the monkey trying to capture the moon in the water.  He knew it wasn’t something that was good for his self-confidence if it would always end in failure.

"Families on TV? Like the ones here?" Ansem knew that families here had a different dynamic from the ones he partially grew up around back in his home country. Keeping steady eye contact, he lifted his glass from the table and took a few sips before responding to the last of Xemnas’ reply.

"I don’t think it would be awkward. I started it, didn’t I?" Ansem licked his teeth. "Or maybe, I mean to say it wouldn’t be uncomfortable for me. I like nibbling at a variety of people. It’s in my nature. Don’t like it when I’m playful, Xemnas?" Mentally, he was trying to sort out his roommate’s body language. His goal wasn’t really to make him uneasy. Ansem was just making conversation.



  1. Tropical Mango Yogurt Smoothie
  2. Green Ginger Peach Smoothie
  3. Hearty Fruit and Oat Smoothie
  4. Tropical Blueberry Smoothie


Late breakfast!


Late breakfast!

Coffee Flavored Ice Cream. ( Serah ) (Attn: Ansem )



"Serah, is this flavor alright?" Ansem balanced his dark colored, orange ice cream in one hand, and placed down another bowl filled with something tangy and green in front of her. "It’s lime." He gestured before sitting down in his seat again.

"I decided not to go with another helping of toffee.  This flavor is mango if you’d like to try some of this as well." Ansem offered. He had noticed her distraction in the window before approaching the table and gazed out briefly. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. He wondered what was on her mind…


"Oh, I’m sure it’s fine!" She reassured him optimistically. Lifting her spoon, she hesitated when he revealed the flavor of the pretty green ice cream in front of her. Her lips curled into a smile, "I’m not the biggest fan of lime, but I’m sure this’ll be different." The last thing she wanted was to seem rude or ungrateful, so she thought that it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot. 

Scooping a tiny bit with her spoon, she brought it to her lips. Tasting it, she did her best not to make a face. Covering her mouth with the side of her hand, she frowned at her inability to contain her dislike. “I’m really sorry—.” 

Ansem’s laugh started off with a snort. The expression that Serah had made deeply amused him. He brushed the bottom of his nose with the knuckle of his index finger; much of his hand covering his sharp grin “No need to apologize.”

Swiftly, he switched their bowls. “Personally, I don’t mind lime, but I know many people find it too sweet, or too bitter. That flavor there” he motioned to the orange contents in the new bowl he had placed in front of her “is mango. Help yourself. Hopefully that will suit your pallet better.”


Stripes: Ansem-Xemnas


image ”Sorry about that.” He opened his mouth, his lips twisting in an expression of both displeasure at being caught off guard by the spice and mild embarrassment. 

"No no, no milk. It was just surprising." 

Xemnas started on his second samosa, a smile returning to his features, “You know mischievous behavior is what I live for.” He pouted, demonstrating that Ansem was in essence depriving him of any real experience of having a ‘brother figure’ in his life. 

"Mischievous, hm?’ Ansem licked the edges of his plastic fork and focused his attention on Xemnas’ shifting facial expression."Which mischievous behavior are you looking for?" In his mind, that could mean anything. "Can’t say I don’t like being mischievous in moderation." Ansem  took a rather large bite out of a samosa. It was gone in an instant.

"I’ve been told I’m a flirt. Is that what you mean?"



I look at this strange character wondering why they think its ny fault they didnt arrange their classes properly “that sucks, so you might be changing classes?” I ask with a devius smirk that no one can see. I realize that by sitting with him, soon the table will be all mine when he transfers. I hop up next to him, nod, lay my stuff down and smile, this day is proving to be going well.

"I probably will. I’ll stick around for the time being, though." Ansem responded and settled in a seat. "I’ll probably see about having a refund after this glass. There’s some free time in my bracket for today." He sighed. Ansem hated going through this sort of thing. "Nice to meet you anyway."


Pardon? [Ansem and Fang]


Fang took hold of his phone for a few moments and listened to him. Her fingers set to work setting his phone to have her number before she handed it back to him. She walked with him passed the machines to exit the gym and offered a smile. “That sounds fine to me. Take your time, there’s no rush. I’ll meet you back here say in about forty-five minutes to an hour? That’ll give us both time to get washed up and tend to a few little things before grabbing our meal.”

Stepping to the side, she tossed her empty water bottle into the recycling bin near the trash in the hall.

"Sounds good to me, you’ll let me know what you want to eat then?" He signed out past the desk with his student ID, and lingered near the glass doorways. The air vents above chilled the surface of his damp skin, and Ansem swayed toward the light to keep from growing goose bumps.

He opened his mouth again, having the urge to ask a more personal question before they parted ways, but decided that it was better for another day. “If you’re still thinking, I’ll see you a bit, then.”

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Class (TTU Open)


I walk into up to the giant gateway. I am anxious to see what the #1 chemistry program in the nation holds for me. I reach up, twist the handle and breach the threshhold. Noise, lots of noise. These “children” are loud and obnoxius. I just want to set myself up in a nice corner and learn all there is to know about igniting my future. Sadly there arent any empty tables. I wonder who i should sit by that i wont end up chemically manipulating their lunch

"This can’t be right." Ansem muttered to himself. He only noticed the figure wonder up to his table out of the corner of his eye. Clearly, on the schedule he was scanning over in his lap, it held Chemistry. But didn’t he have his science prerequisite out of the way ages ago with Biology lab. He’d stay for now, but he’d really need to get it fixed later.

"Hm?" He finally looked over after placing the paper schedule away in his book bag. Ansem wasn’t sure if he should greet them at first. "I think they placed me in the wrong class." He started off.

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Remember, in a pinch, bookcases can be used for cat storage. #getoutoftherecat #sadieface #amyface #officecats #sleepykitty


Remember, in a pinch, bookcases can be used for cat storage. #getoutoftherecat #sadieface #amyface #officecats #sleepykitty

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