Welcome to my Den

Welcome to my den. I meant my dorm. Now Get out.

Only kidding. Welcome, please do come in. My name is Ansem Antanga, a 24 year old Junior at Twilight Town University. I major and Minor in Philosophy and Political Science. I also lift weights and take Judo classes on weekends. Come argue with me.**most if not all images used are self created. This is not independent RP**
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Throw Rugs-[Beach and Bond Fire Event] Ansem & Riku



Riku paused, squinting his eyes at the sun as he looked up. “Oh.” He didn’t, in fact, have a beach pass. He hadn’t had the time. “I don’t have one.” He concluded bluntly, frowning to himself. “Is there any way I could get one…?” It was probably too late, but he let the awkward question float in the air as he fiddled with his phone in his pocket. 

Ansem chuckled a bit. He held the lanyard in the school’s gold and red colors around his neck away from his chest. “Just asking. I have another one on the dashboard in the car. If you want to come, I’ll give you the other pass and a ride.”

He pursed his lips in thought while looking the underclassmen over. Riku didn’t seem very much prepared to hang out at a beach. “If you plan to swim, I’m afraid I can’t provide you an extra swim suit, or towel. We do have thirty minutes before it starts, though. If you’re interested in activities, you might want to run back to your own dorm for beach friendly items.”


Throw Rugs-[Beach and Bond Fire Event] Ansem & Riku


Riku scratched the back of his head, frowning. Was he too late to go to the beach event? It wasn’t like he was the type of person to personally go out to socialize, but he had to admit he sort of missed the beach. Perhaps he should take up on his boss’ joking advice and actually try to make friends.

With that said, he leaned backwards on the bench he was sitting on and spotted a man walking by with swim shorts on. Probably an upperclassman. “Hey…” he awkwardly craned his neck— he was really terrible at these types of things— “Are you going to the beach and bond fire event?”  


"Hm?" Ansem paused and looked over his shoulder. He was passing by the bench were the underclassmen sat and assumed he had aimed the question at him. Once he had a glance, Ansem turned back to fully face and assess who he was talking to. He wasn’t familiar with their face; no one he recognized from the housing section he was in.

"Yes," Ansem adjusted his bags and held one hand to his forehead to block out the sun that cast over the campus "need a ride?" Keys jingled in his free hand. "I was making a final round to check if anyone needed one. You have a beach pass?"

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"I’m quite accustomed to playing for audiences," he answered, a smug grin lighting up his face as he stepped forward a bit more. "I’m simply not used to those audiences asking me to play whatever I want. Usually, there’s a program to follow." The voice of the student—did he know it from somewhere? It sounded faintly familiar. Still, he could not place it. 

He wanted a surprise, though. There was something that Zexion had in mind that he had been working on before the other arrived—a small piece. “And a surprise you shall get. It’s a work in progress, though—I will warn you of that now.” Easing back into proper position, he raised his bow and began to place another piece

Ansem was engrossed in watching Zexion play. He appeared young, and it made him wonder how many years of experience he had.

"A work in progress you say? It sounds prefect to me, but perhaps I have an untrained ear. Where is it that you learned to play?" He curiously asked while coming a bit closer to see what Zexion had been working on before. "I’ve had the pleasure to listen to quite a few artists back home, but I don’t think I’ve heard anyone play like you. "

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Pardon? [Ansem and Fang]


Fang smirked a bit and moved back to handle minor details left to do such as gathering up her own bag of things which was relatively small for the most part. With it slung over a shoulder, she thought over his suggestion for a bit before nodding. “Sure, I wouldn’t mind grabbing a meal with ya, Ansem.  I could go for a bit of company anyways. Eatin’ alone gets kinda tirin’ after a while and besides, it’ll be nice to just relax.”

Stretching out her shoulders, she took a moment after to drink the rest of her water down. It would be nice to just hang out with a friend for a while again and just get into the swing of things. It had been too long and she wanted to just relax and get back to how she used to be again. “Just let me know when and I can meet up with ya.”

"Tell you what," Ansem dug around for his phone "I need to head back to the dorm and shower, but I can meet back up with you before the courtyard."

Once he found his phone, he offered it to her. “I don’t think I have your number. I can text you when I’m coming back down. You can have time to decide where you want to eat. It’s my treat. That alright with you?” Ansem motioned with his hand that he was ready to depart to the main gym doors. He paused to make sure he hadn’t forgotten anything, and ran his fingers through his damp hairline while maneuvering around machinery in use.



A baby tiger being taken care of and washed up.

Throw Rugs-[Beach and Bond Fire Event]

"Get your sneaky little paws out of there. Not for you." Ansem scooped up his dorm room toyger and placed her up on the bed and away from some of the bags he had on the floor. One contained a few chocolate bars, and a bag of marshmallows he had snagged earlier. Another, much larger bag, held his futball, a towel, and a throw rug or two to use much later.

As soon as everything was in order Ansem dug out his shoes from under a drawer, and stuffed his keys and phone in the pocket of his swim bottom. He didn’t think he was forgetting anything. He’d looped the beach pass around his neck, and wasn’t sure if he’d go with anyone just yet. The light of afternoon colored the inner men’s dormitory hall and he squinted through the warm light all the way down to check out at the front desk.

He did have an hour, though. Ansem made a very short trip to his car, placed his things inside, and made a final round about the campus on foot. If anyone needed, or wanted a ride to the shore, now was their chance.

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I have an extra beach pass. Would anyone be interested in going to the beach and bond fire party with me?

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